Hashsense is a platform that aggregates the data from top protocols and presents it in an actionable way.
Make sense
of blockchain data
Smart money analytics
Follow our curated list of smart wallets. We use proprietary AI to analyze the profitability of blockchain actors and highlight their actions for you
Wallet alerts
Immediately receive notifications on Telegram or Discord when an action is taken on one of your tracked wallets or a wallet from our list
Copy trading
Copy the actions of the most profitable wallets in an automated way, whether it's DEX or Perp DEX trades
Coming Soon
Don't want to manage anything? Just stake your stables to our vault and enjoy the yield. We use our tech to automatically stake funds across the most profitable protocols and trading strategies to provide a great yield
Vault service
Don't want to be a degen? Want to save and increase your capital in a risk-free manner? Check which protocols provide the best yield
Yield analytics
The Hashsense Action Tracker then tracks the action of the smartest traders and alerts the system and the users each time a new action is taken.
Hashsense Action Tracker
The Hashsense AI Profit Analyzer dissects this data with machine learning to assess each wallet's current and expected profitability. It uses multiple parameters to select the best traders and degens, maximizing profit while minimizing risk.
Hashsense AI Profit Analyzer
The Hashsense Data Parser gathers data from blockchains and saves information about protocol transactions.
Hashsense Data Parsers
The Hashsense Action Repeater then repeats similar trades based on the user's risk profile.
Hashsense Action Repeater
How it works
Iskander Khabibrakhmanov
10 years of experience in games and tech products. Worked on Point Blank, Lineage 2, and Halo
Vladimir Nikitin
Serial crypto entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in startups and 5 years in blockchain. Partner at Shima Capital
Kate Khan
10 years of experience in operations and consulting. Formerly worked for Bolt and, KPMG
Yida Gao
Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient, General Partner at Shima Capital
Slava Zheltov
CTO at Liquidifty and Drunk Robots. 8 years of experience in tech companies and 4 years in blockchain
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